Why Your Furnace Is Blowing Cold Air

The main function of a furnace is to keep a house warm, and a furnace that is blowing cold air can't handle this function. Knowing why your furnace might blow cold air can help you with the diagnosis if it ever comes to that. Below are some of the common reasons a furnace might blow cold air. Thermostat Issues The thermostat serves as the main input for the furnace controls.

Don't Forget To Clean Your Toilet Tank

When you clean the toilets in your bathroom, you likely focus much of your attention on the bowl, the seat, and the base of the toilet. However, make sure you don't overlook the tank. Cleaning the toilet tank is important for several different reasons, here are just some of these reasons. Dirt Debris Although you might not realize it, a great deal of dirt can settle inside the toilet tank. After all, the tank doesn't have an airtight seal, so as these particles circulate through the air, they can also make their way inside the bowl.

How To Be An Awesome Caretaker To Your Septic Tank

You take care of your pets, and you care for your family members — but do you take care of your septic tank? It is not a living thing, but it is a vital component of your home. Without a functioning septic tank, you can't flush the toilet, wash dishes, or even take a nice shower. So this is very much a matter of taking good care of the tank so it continues to take good care of you.

Top Signs Your Sewer Line Needs Repair

Taking care of your home is something you'll always need to do. There may be instances that arise from time to time that require your attention. For example, if your sewer line starts giving specific indications that you notice, it may need to be repaired. Knowing what many of these are may be extremely helpful. 1. Level of water in the toilet  Do you often see a lot of water in your toilet bowl, but on other days, you see hardly anything?

Water Pressure Problems? Know What Can Be Done To Fix It

Is your home suffering from a problem with low water pressure? If so, you will likely be looking for ways that you can fix it and get the water flowing properly once again. Here are some ways that you can improve water pressure. Clean Your Pipes It's possible that your water pressure is due to a problem with the water pipes being clogged. For instance, there may be pipes that are small, pipes that have clogs in them, or pipes with debris and sediment blocking the path of the water.