The Problems With You Kitchen Sinks and Some Improvements That Will Help

The kitchen sink is an area of your home where you may have do deal with many different types of problems. The drain beneath the sink may become clogged, not drain properly or have your wedding ring in. Adding a vent, or installing a trap with a cap will make solving drain problems easier. In addition, you may have issues with water lines or appliances connected to the pipes beneath the sink. [Read More]

Keep Your Family Safe After A Flood By Having These Four Inspections Done Before Moving Back Into It

After an area is flooded, many homeowners cannot wait to return home as soon as the authorities deem the area safe to reenter. It is important to realize that just because the water has left your home, it doesn't mean that your house is a safe place to stay right away. The guide below walks you through a few things that need to be inspected before you can live in your home again after it has been flooded. [Read More]

Understanding The Use Of Black Iron Pipes When Installing A Gas Line

If a gas line has been severed either inside or outside your home, then you will need to speak with a professional who can complete a gas line installation for you. Gas line installation can be quite pricey with costs that range from several hundred dollars to more than $1,000. While the costs are partially due to the expertise needed to install the line itself, you will need to pay for materials as well. [Read More]

Replacing A Water Heater? Three Things To Think About

When your home's hot water heater kicks the bucket due to old age, you're going to need to replace it with a new one immediately. You shouldn't rush into buying the exact same kind you had before, since now is the opportunity to make some upgrades that you have been missing out on over the years. Here are three things to consider if you're replacing a hot water heater. The Size [Read More]