Why You Should Repair Your Plumbing Instead Of Replacing It

It's only natural to assume that replacing something that isn't working well can be a good idea. This can even be the case with plumbing. If you've been dealing with plumbing issues in your home, you might have decided that now is the time to contact a plumber to completely replace all of the pipes and other plumbing fixtures in your home. Sometimes, this is the best thing to do. In other cases, however, repairing your plumbing is a better choice. [Read More]

When To Do It Yourself And When To Call The Professionals: Condo Fix Ups

One of the biggest decisions that you will face as a new condo owner is when to call in the professionals and when to try and fix it yourself. It's an important thing to consider since you are going to have to deal with condo boards, securing work permits, and all other sorts of bureaucratic issues that you would not have had to deal with when you were renting your own place. [Read More]

Getting That Hair Out Of Your Shower Drain

If your shower drain is open, but water is starting to collect as you bathe, you may have a clogged drain. Hair is often the main culprit, as it can bunch up and stick to soap scum in the drain. Here are some tips to help you clear the drain of hair. Use a Wire Hanger Purchase a cheap wire hanger that you can manipulate and snake down the drain. [Read More]

Three Reasons Even Gently Used Drains May Need Cleaning

If you have little kids or a roommate who likes to rinse food scraps down the kitchen sink, you probably aren't surprised at all when the drains slow down a bit and need to be cleaned out. But what if you live alone or with another responsible adult and you both make a point of keeping solids, food scraps, and grease out of the drains? Your need for drain cleaning may come as a surprise. [Read More]