Be Proactive: Fall Tasks to Prevent Frozen Pipes This Winter

Frozen and burst pipes are a common concern when old-man winter comes along.  In the best-case scenario, you and your family may lose water for a short period. In the worst case, you may suffer thousands of dollars of water damage. While knowing what to do if your pipes freeze is important, being proactive and reducing the odds of it happening in the first place can save you the frustration and cost of dealing with frozen pipes in the middle of winter. [Read More]

Five Signs You Need A Professional Drain Cleaner

Nearly everyone deals with sluggish or clogged drains on occasion. Most of them can be fixed easily with a plunger, but sometimes you need the services of a professional. Knowing when to pick up the plunger yourself and when to call in a plumber is important to keeping your plumbing operating smoothly. Some common signs that indicate the problem requires a plumber are the following: 1. Problems With Multiple Drains [Read More]

How To Detect Lead Pipes And What To Do If You Have Them

With a shockingly high number of media stories focused on people who have received lead positioning from their drinking water, many homeowners are wondering if they are safe. Wondering if your pipes may have lead in them? Here's a look at how to check and what to do if you have lead: 1. Test your water. You can buy a simple water testing kit online or at your local hardware store. [Read More]

5 Reasons To Call A Plumber Instead Of Using A Blow Bag To Clear A Clogged Drain

A blow bag might sound like a gag gift or a musical instrument, but it's actually a flexible rubber bladder that can blast clogs out of drain pipes. However, this small device isn't quite as easy to use as the packaging might make it sound. Reconsider the use of a blow bag and hire a plumber instead to avoid these five common problems. Damage to the Pipes You're just trying to get your toilet or sink to drain again, but now you're stuck with thousands of dollars worth of repairs to the buried sewer line. [Read More]